Terms of use


Buisness termes

The following terms and conditions apply to all deliveries from fuzzy, with the exception of which reached the second written agreement between you as buyer and Fuzzies.dk.

Fuzzies.dk is a Danish Internet. All support and complaints made to customer service and is provided via telephone: +45 40 40 80 09 or email: fuzzies@fuzzies.dk We speak Danish and English.

All emails answered as soon as possible but no later than midday. 9 the following day. The phones are open for personal contact every weekday between the hours. 8-16. Is the number entered or are outside our normal opening hours, so please leave a message and we will call back.

Payment Types

Fuzzies.dk sales are made through an Internet where you can order your products online and pay with

     * Dankort / Visa dankort
     * EDankort,
     * Visa electron
     * MasterCard
     * Maestro, JBC

You pay with a debit card with Fuzzies.dk, your payment is secured through ePay, which is Denmark's leading payment system. All your card details are encrypted with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol. This means that unauthorized persons can not view your account information, and only PBS could read them.

You will be asked the following information:

     * Card Number (16 digits printed into the card on the front page)
     * Expiration (printed in the card on the front page)
     * Check digits (three digits written on the back of the card just above magnetstrimlen extreme right)

Fuzzies.dk can not at any time see any of this information.

We withdraw course money from your account when the goods are dispatched.

With eDankort you pay through your bank, and here you are released to give your card that you know it from normal debit card. When you want to pay with fuzzy with eDankort, then select the payment method below. The first time you buy with eDankort select your bank from a list. You'll be in your bank when you approve the payment with your bank password. Once payment is completed you will automatically revert to fuzzy online shop.

All prices on the URL www.fuzzies.dk are incl. 25% VAT


In the context of electronic payment Fuzzies.dk store for safety reasons, no credit card information. Only in the moment of payment must be a degree of financial information to PBS. This is done with maximum security through an encrypted SSL connection after termes from PBS.

Privacy Policy

Overall Fuzzies.dk wishes to state that no personal information recorded on www.fuzzies.dk, at no time will be misused, transferred, sold or otherwise made available to third parties.

By submitting order requests fuzzies.dk the necessary delivery and contact information (name, address, postcode., Town and email). This information is used solely for treatment of the order. The information is transmitted and stored electronically in unencrypted form, and stored for at least 5 years. fuzzies.dk cherish all information and ensure that they kept quite satisfactorily.




Delivery of goods from fuzzy considered done when the customer has received the goods supplied.
Fuzzy use Post Danmark to the delivery of letters and packages.
Fuzzy can guarantee a delivery time of 5-10 days, this requires however that Post Denmark meets its overnight delivery. In the very rare cases where the delivery time will exceed 3 days, we will contact the customer and provide information on the cause. In cases of very late (several days) or outright missed deliveries, forward Fuzzies.dk course, a new delivery free of charge.

Freight Rates in EU and other contries
Shipping 1-2 pair slippers DKK 50,00, sent as maxi letter
Shipping 3-4 pair slippers DKK 75,00, sent as maxi letter
Shipping 1 pair Prewalker DKK 75,00, sent as maxi letter
Returns of baby changing bags / backpacks DKK 200.00 is sent as a package.


There will be 14 day full return policy on all goods from the day you receive your product.
If you choose to cancel a purchase, then the fuzzy notified accordingly within 14 days after your receipt of goods. Undoes you purchase, please return the product in the same condition as you received them.

Note - You must bear the costs associated with returning the product.

When goods are received and accepted the return, the purchase price refunded to your account within days.
Please include a packing slip with your account number and a copy of your invoice in the package. Alternatively, by prior agreement in writing refuse to accept a package or return it to our address.

Do you want to returne a product, it must be sent to our storage on this address:
Pick and Pack, Farvergården 2, 6541 Bevtoft, Denmark


Have you received a product defect, or you simply want to exchange the product into different size or different product, so please send the product back to the address below. Remember to enclose a product insert, which you indicate what kind of product you want to swap to. Are there errors in this product also signed the note.

By returning the product is the sole customer, which is responsible for properly packaging and shipping. Fuzzy are not receiving packages and letters which contain postage collection or where the packaging is damaged. Note - we also do not receive packages sent by. following requirements or similar.

Do you want to exchange a product, it must be sent to our storage on this address:
Pick and Pack, Farvergården 2, 6541 Bevtoft, Denmark


When you shop at www.fuzzies.dk you obviously 24 months warranty. This means you can either get it repaired, exchanged, money back or the price, depending on the individual situation. This condition of course, that claim is justified and that the defect has not arisen as a result of an incorrect use of the product or other injurious behaviors.

There must be advertised within a reasonable time after you have discovered the defect in the product. If advertised within two months after the defect was discovered, the claim is always timely.

If the claim is justified, then we will refund your shipping costs that you may have in connection with the return of the product to the cheapest possible shipping. Remember to affix your account number on the return label so that we can repay you postage.

Remember to send the product back in securely packaging, and getting a receipt for shipment, so that we can repay you your costs.

Want to complain about a product, it must be sent to our address:
Fuzzies Denmark Aps, Laskedalen 5, 8220 Brabrand, Denmark

When you return the product, so please enclose a description of the error and the copy of your invoice.
Note - we do not receive packages sent by. following requirements or similar.


We take reservations for misprints, errors in information and errors in specifications, all occurring products. All image material on the website www.fuzzies.dk to be seen as illustrations, fuzzy and can not guarantee that the images reproduce the exact product appearance and texture.

Fuzzy guaranteeing minimal product defects, because we keep quality control.