Maintenance and care of your Slippers.

Fuzzies made of lamb fur, which is a natural material.
Leather is extremely suitable for slippers, because the sweat foot issues evaporates out through the skin, also we have an out of cotton, which is also a natural material, the way sheep feet allowed to breathe and your child will always have a nice warm foot.

Always start with the impregnated futtene before putting them into use, this guarantee them against water, grease and dirt.
Make sure then regularly treating the leather with leather fat, so the leather maintains its natural characteristics.
Has the slippers become very dirty, we recommend that you wash them with a soft sponge, lukewarm water and a little soap. Fill them with newsprint when dry so they do not lose shape.

Dried at ordinary room temperature should not be exposed to high heat.
When they are dry, you should repeat the above treatment with the impregnation and leather fat.

If your slippers is not treated regularly, they lose the ability to be water and dirt repellent, also loses the soft and may eventually crack.

It is important to comply with the above care and maintenance of your slippers. To ensure you that the warranty on your shoes is maintained. If normal maintanes is not respected cease any kind of warranty is lost.

Suede remain nice, if you regular brushing with a sponge or soft brush.
ATTENTION! Differs from suede leather by being more sensitive to water and should regularly impregnating but NEVER used leather fat.

Suede can be revamped using the "vapors" hold them over boiling water, brush them and ask them to dry at room temperature.