How to shop


Buy a product, step by step guide

At Fuzzies, it is important that it is simple and easy to act on our webshop, so we have created a step-by-step, which is easy and orderly and follow your way through the purchase. But do have you any questions, please feel free to contact us by e-mail

You can find our products by selecting from the top "Fuzzies girls" Fuzzies for boys ", or" Bags by Fuzzies "

Once you've found a product that you want to buy, you write the number next to the size you wish to purchase and click "Add to shopping cart"
(If size is not seen on the list, it is because the product is sold out.)

You are now in the shopping cart where you can click "to order" or "buy more" Clicking:

Note: you can always see your shopping cart up the right corner of the page.

"buy more" when you come back to the shop where you can repeat step 1 and add more products to your order.

"for ordering" takes you to the page
1. Enter address here enter your name, address and appropriate. delivery address
2. Then select the delivery form and click "continue"
3. Then, choose the payment methods we offer card payment with dankort / Visa / MasterCard / eDankort / visa electron / American Express / Visa JBC.
4. in the last step you will be transferred to a secure SSL page where you fill in the necessary card information.

The acquisition is now complete.

You will shortly receive an order confirmation mail. In addition you will receive an email when the order is approved and shipped.

After 5-10 days you will receive your goods from the Fuzzies, which we obviously hope you are happy to recive.