Healthy children feet

Healthy children's feet

It is important to your child's feet will be allowed to develop healthy and natural

Feet composed of many small bones held together by muscles and ligaments.
The first year of your child's life is his feet very soft and sensitive to the pressures they face.
Therefore it is extremely important for the development of the child's feet, there is space and freedom in the shoes.

Unlike a outdoor shoe the slipper must be a soft shoes, with plenty of room so they do not form the foot the first few years.

Grows in chunks
Children's feet grow in chunks and can often move quickly, there may be changes of 0.5 cm in a month, targets always your baby feet when you want to buy a pair of new shoes, there maybe some developments have occurred since the last purchase.
See size guide here Fuzzies Size chart

0-1 years approx. 2 cm per year
2-3 years approx. 1.5 cm per year
then they grows approximately 1 cm each years until the childe is about 13-15 years.

Choose the right size, shape and material.
Healthy slippers should preferably take the form after a healthy and natural footing, not too close or tight.
Choose the right size, the slippers can not be too small but not too large, so the child tripping around in the shoes. We recommend an adult supplement of approx. 1 cm.

Unlike outdoor shoes, the slippers must be soft ,so that it is close to being barefoot, so that child can use / train all of its muscles in the foot, and have a sense of what they go on.
The sole must be flexible so that the foots muscles functions optimally.
Children must have the correct length, width.

Fuzzies is made in the best natur material which allowes the foot to breath so they do not get a warm and humid. Because the Therfore Fuzzies is lovely to wear, spring, summer, autumn and winter, the self-regulating heat.

After you purchase the right slippers for your child, remember, finally, to care and maintain the shoes,
See our tips on maintenance here

All our products are created with the vision of the natural development of your child's feet, proper fit, light, soft and flexible material with a sealing system which must be adjustable to provide great flexibility.