Fuzzies quality


1. Antiglide bottom

2. Insulating inner sole

3. Made from soft skin

4. Adjustable velcro closure

5. Cotton lining

The bottom is a thick soles with flexible anti glide rubber, so your child can move around safely.
3 mm thick inner sole . This sole ensures that shoe or sandals are soft and comfortable to wear and walk in. At the same time providing the sole your child a secure sense of the ground. This is particularly important for children who are learning to walk. The sole has an insulating effect, so your child does not freeze their feet. Made of natural soft skin, so your child has experience of almost having bare feet. The skin is very easy and flexible, giving the right shoe fit for your child. The skin adapts to the foot, so that the child's foot develop naturally.
Fuzzies slippers has a flexible sealing system of Velcro, so it easy for both the adult and child to take the shoe and on. The closure system is adjustable so you can adjust the size precisely. This ensures that shoe stays on the foot.
All fuzzies slippers has a soft lining of cotton, which works well with skin. Subtotal ensures both natural materials (skins and cotton) that the child's feet can breathe in the shoe, and do not become hot.