Here you can find answers to common questions.
If you do not find answers to exactly your question, you can send a mail at fuzzies@fuzzies.dk

How long will it take before I receive my goods?
You will receive your goods within 4 days after ordering, usually they will be shipped same day. You always receive an order confirmation when we start to pack your goods.
Please note that goods abroad have longer delivery times.

How much does it cost to send the goods?

Freight Rates in Abroad
1-2 pairs slippers DKK 50.00, sent as maxi letter
3-4 pairs slippers DKK 75.00, sent as maxi letter
Prewalker DKK 75,00, sent as maxi letter
Baby changing bags or a backpack.
Private Packet DKK 200,00 is sent as a package.

I have purchased a product which does not fit how I return it?
You must send the goods back to our warehouse along with a return form. You can find the form here.

I've regretted my purchase, can I exchange goods? In fuzzy Denmark ApS, you have 14 day return.

Look at the return slip or below the address to send to (depends on the reason why you return). Find the form here: http://fuzzies.dk/returnering-af-varer/

Return of defective goods sent to:

Fuzzies Denmark ApS
Engvangsvej 53, Skovby
8464 Galten

Remember to write on the return slip in the product to be discarded. If you want the money returned, we will refund the money within 5 days.

Fungible product, they do so at its own expense and risk. Note that we do not receive parcels. following requirements.

Why is it important that I use the return slip?

We need information on your return slip to handle your order. If your return slip is lost, you can download a ne or enclose a note in the package containing your order number, name, address, tel no and account information.

Remember to also tell why you return the product.

To find the form here.

Size Guide

Find our size guide her.http://uk.fuzzies.dk/size-guide/