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Mom pops out as shoe-designer

The market for soft skindsko for children is too thin . Therefore,  the designer (Mona Qaddoum, Aarhus, Denmark)  startede to design soft lamb skin slipper to cildren in age 0-8 years, which can be viewed on the site  fuzzies

Small baby feet are cute, but for the most part they are squeezed into a pair of shoes. Saids the designer behind Fuzzies Denmark ApS, which also is the mother of a boy of 4 - year. She went into the creative corner and have now designed a series of slippers for children aged 0 to 8 years.

- They are made of lamb fur, which is very soft. Besides soft unit is unique to have an inside in 100 percent cotton and a thin rubber soles inside the shoe and a anti glide rubber bottom. It offers both comfort and warmth for your child.

Contact Information
Want to know more about the new slippers, please contact us on mobile: +45 40 40 80 09